7 Myths About Having Boys

When you have boys (especially exclusively and more than one), you get quoted a lot of stuff.

Some of it is true and helpful. Most of it is a load of rubbish. Case in point:

1: “I suppose you’ll try for a girl”.
Sometimes not even a question just a statement. Yes, I am a woman. So I automatically want baby girls? Please see here.

2: “Those gorgeous long eyelashes are wasted on him aren’t they?”
Nope. Pretty sure they serve the same purpose as the eyelashes of other human beings.

3. “He wont want the pink one will he?”
If his pink doll pram, pink toothbrush and pink teddy are anything to go by, then it would seem that, actually, he isn’t averse to pink.

4. “Wait ’til they’re older and they gang up on you with Daddy!”
How terrifying. I can’t wait.

5. “At least you wont have to worry as much when they’re teenagers as you would if they were girls.”
Yes, you’re probably right. My boys will hit thirteen and I will cease to care about them.

6. “A son is a son until he takes a wife. A daughter is a daughter for the rest of your life.”
How uplifting. If he takes a husband do I get to keep him?

7. “Ooh you’ve got your hands full”.
Nothing compared to my heart.

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  1. My boy is 15 months and I've heard so many of these already. I was desperate for a boy, and I absolutely love being a mummy to a little man. I'd be more than happy to have another boy next time too. A few people have also said that boys will always have a special bond with their mother, much easier than with a girl – I don't mind that one so much

  2. The quote at the end is just so perfect! I was nodding along with you in indignation throughout and can totally see people saying these things to you. Brilliant and very wise!
    Thanks for linking up with #FartGlitter xx

  3. Yes, I get the eyelashes one all the time. And I never understood that, or the smooth skin? Surely boys are entitled to have that too? Good job on busting the stereotypical assumptions. #Fartglitter

  4. So funny and true! I have to boys one is almost 16 and the other is 6. And let me just tell you they are just as crazy as a teen as they are a toddler. No fear. Doing back flips off walls and jumping out of swings going too high. Yep boys will be boys! #fartglitter

  5. HA ha so true – my boy LOVEs pink and he has had several pink toothbrushes and t-shirts (he also adores frozen and has an elsa dress!) I expect my girl will like only black and play football…. but hey I wouldn't have it any other way 🙂 #bigpinklink #fartglitter

  6. God those little saying and cliches are so annoying eh? Sometimes I reckon people say them as they actually don't even think. I bet teen boys have just as many quirks and so not true about the wife thing!! xx #fartglitter

  7. Yup, I get all of these too, except for #6 – no-one has ever said that to me. I also get 'boys will be boys', like ALL the time, probably as my two are so boisterous. How ironic that I found you via the #bigpinklink

  8. I love this, I got 'now you've got one of each you'll be stopping'. Well, yes, but not because I have one of each, we're stopping because; 'none of your business you nosy, presuming person I barely know!!' 😀 Oh it drives me potty. My friend had the poem said to her about her two sons and she was so upset by it. It's all rubbish, I think you get back what you put in with any child of any gender. Plus boys looks adorable with swooping long lashes, mine does anyway!! 🙂 Thanks for linking! #bigpinklink

  9. Some are unbelievable, maybe I should brace myself to get some of these now that I have a son!
    I think the worse are the ones about gender stereotypes. I get equally horrified when they are directed to my girl or to my boy. Let boys own that pink color :D.

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