I Have An Announcement…

I have an announcement.

Actually no, it’s not what you might think if you only looked at this picture.

I want to announce this:

I think, after carrying two children, I look more pregnant more often now, than when I was actually carrying them. I have more ‘fat days’. More days where my tummy just wants to shout out to the world that it carried two babies and refuses to be contained. 
And some days I hate it. But then I realise I can breathe in, do some magic with my posture and I don’t look fat anymore. In fact I kinda look a bit thin.

And that feels embarrassing to say. Why am I embarrassed to say ‘yeah I look a bit skinny today’? Because I feel a fraud? No, not really. Because I’m definitely not ‘skinny’ but it’s not the falsehood that makes me embarrassed. It’s that I feel conceited. 
But I only feel that because we’ve sort of been conditioned to think that skinny is good. Skinny is perfection. It is the ideal for which we should strive. And not many people like to walk around saying ‘I’m perfect’. ‘I’m ideal’. It just feels big headed.
But that’s not what we’re saying when we acknowledge we look a bit skinny. Because skinny isn’t the bloody be-all-and-end-all. There is no perfect. There is no ideal. Skinny, curvy (actually front on I’m way more curvy than skinny – but now I feel like I’m boasting about being Marilyn Monroe so you can see my problem here), pear- shaped, apple-shaped, hourglass-shaped. None of them are ‘ideal’.
I’ll tell you what is ideal. Owning it. Owning your body and loving it and respecting that it supports you and helps you move and function day in day out. 
I am me-shaped. And, as is clear from my pictures, being me is all about perspective. I can dwell on the things which get me down (I totally do this sometimes – husband has used the word martyr a few times) or I can look for the positives. Today I choose the positives. I don’t do that everyday (see above for references to martyrdom) but today I do.
Because I’m not just talking about body image here. I’m talking about life. And, today, perspective tells me that I’m actually very freaking lucky. 
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  1. I love this! After Leo I lost a lot of weight and kind of a felt a bit ashamed I didn't look like I'd hard a baby, like my lack of tummy made me some kind of fraud. Now, expecting number 2 and I don't care about my body shape at all, as long as I'm happy and if I end up loosing loads of weight again afterwards them that doesn't make me any less of a mother. I am definitely one for seeing all the positives, it can be hard but it makes me a much happier person. Great read 🙂 xx #fortheloveofBLOG

  2. You look great either way and you're right, we shouldn't be ashamed of thinking or saying that we feel fat, thin, normal, not normal – everyone's different and we should all be able to be happy with it even if it's not what people expect #FartGlitter

  3. You shouldn't feel ashamed of your body as you say you've grown two children. Which is amazing! You're right we need to own our bodies and feel incredibly proud and grateful! By the way I can barely see any fat in you, you look gorgeous! There's so much negativity in the media to loose pregnancy weight quickly which is causing a lot of worry and anxiety with women. We need to feel proud and not worry. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  4. You look amazing hon and should be so proud! You make a very valid point – our bodies have achieved something miraculous, why can't we just love ourselves for who we are. Brilliantly written x

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