Sometimes You Just Need The Shoes…


But sometimes?

Sometimes you haven’t bought yourself anything nice for four years because your children need new shoes and they have ruined your cheap couch with a delightful concoction of bodily fluids, milk, play dough and felt tip pen.

And sometimes you see some shoes and they remind you that there are other things in life to spend money on instead of stocking your kitchen cupboards with crap like Dairylea Dunkers and Fruit Winders, which masquerade as calcium and ‘real fruit’ laden snacks but which are so full of sugar that they immediately begin to decay your children’s teeth on impact.

And sometimes, because you spend so much time couch-ridden of an evening, listening with baited breath to the baby monitor, desperately praying the children remain asleep ALL EFFING NIGHT, you realise it might be more comfortable to ‘relax’ on a couch which cost £2000 rather than £200.

And sometimes, because you basically spend almost every penny you earn on your children bar paying for petrol and wine, you decide that sod it.

You will buy the shoes and you will buy the couch (it’s on 0% interest free credit and you pay nothing for a year anyway) because you realise that you can actually make life about people and love and warm fuzzy feelings like that. But you can do it all on a fancy couch in a shit-hot pair of heels.


Pink Pear Bear
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  1. They're incredibly beautiful heels and too right, why should the sodding kids get everything all the time?! Ungrateful animals. I hope you're parading around in them daily. Thank you for sharing with the #chucklemums!

  2. Oh this is hilarious!!! I love it, you're so right too! We deserve the odd treat. It can definitely lift your spirits to get something beautiful and new just for you. Thanks for joining us at the #bigpinklink

  3. Totally agree. Sometimes you've just got to treat yourself. And if you're really going to love and appreciate whatever it is, then I'd say that's money well spent. I'm not personally into shoes, but I do have a bit of a stationery habit (Can't resist Moleskine notebooks, even though they're ridiculously expensive – but they really do make me happy!)

  4. lol! I love that hot pair of heels. Yes, please! Honestly, I feel the same. The other week I just treat myself not one but two pairs of heels (cheap but look good!). In conclusion, shopping is the best cure. lol! #FabFridayPost xx

  5. Oh I've been there so many times… In Denmark where we lived for three years, this looking after yourself for the sake of it is called hygge. Hygge is NEVER a waste of time! Enjoy the heels and the new couch 😉

  6. I love this post so much! Shopping always makes you feel better though doesn't it.. Nowadays I would rather buy a new fridge freezer than go on a few nights out, I would also prefer to have a bottle of wine at home rather than being around people in bars that grope and are literally crawling on the floor lol I'm such a mum now lol #fabfridaypost

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