1. aliduke79hotmailcom

    I think kids should like whatever THEY want, whether it’s blue, pink, green or ultraviolet!! Who cares as long as they get joy out of it.

  2. Yes yes yes I wholeheartedly agree. I am not say against gender neutral sometimes but if we start at home with eradicating stereotypes the colour of aisles and toys wouldn’t be an issue for everyone because it would be universally accepted that any colour goes. I think we may be a way off that though. Great post thank you for sharing it at #familyfun

  3. thismumslife

    Yes, yes, and yes-exactly what you’ve said!! I think this whole issue is being blown way out of proportion! Have an aisle of neutral stuff, but keep blue, and keep pink-for toys and clothes! My boys predominantly play with cars, trains, batman-you get it! But, also like you, they have also been known to choose my little pony-they love the tv show-so that’s what they’ve had. There’s definitely no need to make a show of the fact they’ve chosen the ‘pink thing,’ and I don’t think we need to start confusing children with adult concepts, that they don’t need to know about yet!

  4. It should be any colour goes and getting rid of labels. My folks watched an interesting documentary on catch-up recently about gender neutralising the classroom and how children think about toys, clothes and words and it was fascinating. Made my mummy think! Great post #DreamTeam x

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