If I Could Teach My Child One Thing…

The other week, I asked followers on Instagram and Facebook the following question:

I had loads of responses – some funny and some absolutely gorgeous! So gorgeous and inspiring that I had to share them in a post. So here are all those wonderful ideas:

You are loved more than you know

You can talk to me about anything

To read

To tidy up after themselves

The world is never as it seems

Emotional intelligence

To be grateful – always


The world is beautiful – even when it doesn’t seem like it

It’s not about getting what you want but wanting what you have

How to sleep through the night

It’s okay not to be okay sometimes

Self worth – not everyone will like you and that’s okay

My signature dance move

And these ideas got more than one vote:

I will always be proud of you

Good manners

Love – for yourself and others

And this one got mentioned three times:

Kindness. Be kind – always

Being different doesn’t make you any less beautiful

There are so many lessons here that I think, as adults, many of us are still learning. But I love the most popular one.

Because, what a wonderful world it really would be if we all taught our children to be kind above everything else.


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  1. I absolutely LOVED this post. There’s something really beautiful about the fact that the majority of people focused on teaching their child to be a good person rather than an academic one. I’m a huge believer that children should be taught how to be kind, tolerant, empathetic, sensitive to others and how to love themselves before any academic learning starts in school. I can’t remember which country does it but there is a country where they focus on raising children as good people in their primary phase of schooling and only start academic studies in their secondary. As a Teacher sometimes people are surprised that I feel that way but as a teacher I’ve seen the impact had on kids and their life chances who have never been taught social skills, self confidence, how to treat others, how to love themselves, respect and so on. It really should be the first thing we teach our children in my opinion. Loved this read, thank you!

    • Becky H

      Ah thank you so much! I’m s teacher too and these are my sentiments exactly – the world needs more good people above everything else! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

    • Becky H

      Oh I read this post but was on my phone and couldn’t work out how to comment! Lovely post and you’re right – it really could change the world! xx

  2. thismumslife

    Oh yes, ‘be kind’ is such an important one, I’m so glad it was top of the list! They’re all lovely, and I had to have a word with myself reading some of them-I feel I’m so busy ‘surviving’ at the moment, that I’m forgetting to instill these important words into my children. I hope that when they are older and have more understanding, we can make these our mantras!!

  3. mebeingmummy

    Such lovely life lessons… I love the most popular one of kindness though. I always say to mine ‘Be brave, be gentle, be kind’. All three qualities are needed in this world. Thank you for joining in with the #HoneybeeLinky lovely! Xxx

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