Sweet and Sticky Spicy Paneer

Paneer cheese: I first discovered this about a year ago when I went to a work party and a friend had cooked it in this amazing sauce!

Since then I have always looked out for it on menus and in supermarkets but it has never tasted the same as at that party.

But the other day I bought some and asked my friend for the recipe and…

…I couldn’t believe how easy it is! I just had to share it! This recipe (and mine ends up slightly different to my friend’s but it’s close enough for me!) makes the most rich, spicy, sticky sauce for the paneer, which takes on the flavour and is just perfect. And – like a lot of the recipes I favour – there are very few ingredients and a very very simple method.

I tend to serve this as a side dish when we’re having curry but you could easily throw some chicken/Quorn etc into the sauce and serve it over some rice as it’s own dish. It’s amazing with a poppadum or two!

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 15 minutes


200g paneer cheese

A green/red chilli (to your preference) – chopped finely

Tomato ketchup (yep – really!) – you just need a big squirt!

A large handful of coriander (not the stalks)

Clove of garlic, finely chopped (I often omit this because the chilli sauce I use has a lot of garlic in it already)

Chilli sauce (the same amount as the tomato ketchup) – you can use any chilli sauce really – I use this one:



1. Chop the paneer into cubes.

2. Heat some oil in a pan and fry the paneer until golden brown.

3. Put the paneer to one side.

4. Fry off the garlic and the chilli in the pan.

5. Squirt tomato ketchup into the pan and add an equal amount of chilli sauce. There’s no specific quantity – as long as the amounts are equal.

6. Mix it all together and add a large handful of chopped coriander.

7. Keep stirring and tasting as you go. If the sauce is too sweet, add a little more chilli sauce. If it’s too spicy/smoky then add a little more ketchup.

8. Once you’re happy with the taste of the sauce, add the paneer in and heat through.

9. Serve with a sprig of coriander, maybe a poppadum or two and, if you make it as spicy as me, a large glass of water!

Mmmmmmmmm. Yum!




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