About Me

I’m Becky

I’m a thirty-something wife, mum, teacher, friend, daughter and sister. I live with my husband, children and our crazy dog, a beagle called Misty. She was our first ‘baby’ but it’s safe to say she falls to the bottom of the pack a lot now. She also spends a lot of time sitting under the baby’s high chair whilst he’s eating 😉

I’ve been married to Mr H since 2011. My soul mate and the man who really taught me what life is all about and how to live it. He’s my rock and a wonderful Dad to our children.

We’re parents of two as of Valentines Day 2015 and whilst I thought raising one child was a steep learning curve, it has had nothing on raising two! I have two little, lovable, lively boys who teach me more about parenting and myself everyday than anything else ever could.

I’m also a part time primary school teacher, a job I absolutely love, and whilst it certainly plays second fiddle to my family, I still touch on it on my blog as it’s important to me.

Mostly though, I write about being a parent. In all its challengingly wonderful glory. Some days I’m definitely winning at it and some days I’m absolutely not! But that’s the point right? To document it all so we don’t feel like it’s just us.

I hang out on Twitter and Facebook a bit so pop on over if you fancy joining me 🙂

Enjoy reading, comment if you like, contact if you want to.

And whatever you’re doing today, may you be blessed with at least one hot cup of tea or coffee, children who put their shoes on at the first time of asking and a full night’s sleep.

Love Becky x