Why Are We Still Tired?

It’s totally normal to feel absolutely exhausted when you have a newborn baby. Until the baby sleeps through the night, you will think you know why you are so tired. Broken nights’ sleep of course! Except, when your baby finally does start sleeping through the night, you are still tired. Even when, like us, your … [Read more…]

Who Will They Idolise?

Go into any newsagent or supermarket these days and you will see a whole host of magazines on the shelves. And there seem to be progressively more of the ‘entertainment’ type magazines; Heat, Now, Reveal, Star, New to name just a few. And this is great – we all want to be entertained and they … [Read more…]

I’ve Been a Pregnant Woman Twice – Don’t Take That Away From Me

So on Monday, I read on The Express website that “the Government has said the term “pregnant woman” should not be used in a United Nations treaty because it “excludes” transgender people”. The Guardian however, reported that the UK Government, whilst lobbying for the rights of transgender people in the treaty, did not object to … [Read more…]

Why Learning Should Be Child’s Play

Spelling tests. Cursive handwriting. Mental maths tests. Children in ‘sets’ for literacy and maths. Formal half termly assessments, often where children sit individually and must complete a test in silence. You’d be forgiven for thinking I was referring to a secondary education here. Children practising for their GCSEs. Children attending five lessons a day with … [Read more…]