Why Learning Should Be Child’s Play

Spelling tests. Cursive handwriting. Mental maths tests. Children in ‘sets’ for literacy and maths. Formal half termly assessments, often where children sit individually and must complete a test in silence. You’d be forgiven for thinking I was referring to a secondary education here. Children practising for their GCSEs. Children attending five lessons a day with … [Read more…]

Dear Parents. From Teacher.

Dear Parents I’m sorry your child wet themselves today because they were so busy playing and didn’t make it to the toilet on time. I’m sorry I didn’t realise they had their own spare pants in their bag. I’m sorry I put them in pants from the ‘spare uniform’ box. I’m sorry your child fell … [Read more…]

Why Teacher Job Shares Are Actually Great

Ok, so I’m generalising. Just as there will be anomalies with anything, there will be instances where teacher job shares are not so great. But, in my experience they are brilliant. They are often seen as the less favourable option for head teachers and parents alike who are worried about consistency for the children. But … [Read more…]

I’m a Mum. And Working.

I’m a Mum and I’m working. Not just working and being Mummy in isolation from each other. But, because I’m a primary school teacher, I am a Mummy and a teacher all the time. I am always nurturing my own children. And when I’m working, I’m nurturing other people’s children. And when I am working … [Read more…]

Parents Strike – Children Learn!

Today it is 3rd May and the day when lots of parents have taken an amazing stand against our government and what they are doing to education in this country. The wonderful movement Let Kids Be Kids (here on Twitter and here on Facebook) has seen a small community of parents grow into a National … [Read more…]

Dear Nicky Morgan

You are a mother. Your son is how old? 8? 9? Can you honestly, hand-on-heart, stand here right now and tell me that you think it is beneficial for him to be able to tell you what a fronted adverbial is? Is it useful for him to be able to identify an exclamatory sentence amongst … [Read more…]