If You Tolerate This…..

Then your children will be next. According to the Manic Street Preachers. And, in so many ways, they are right it seems. I’m not going to go through each one because if we start looking deeper into politics and education and health then we might all start to feel pretty miserable. But I am going to … [Read more…]

Who Will They Idolise?

Go into any newsagent or supermarket these days and you will see a whole host of magazines on the shelves. And there seem to be progressively more of the ‘entertainment’ type magazines; Heat, Now, Reveal, Star, New to name just a few. And this is great – we all want to be entertained and they … [Read more…]

I’ve Been a Pregnant Woman Twice – Don’t Take That Away From Me

So on Monday, I read on The Express website that “the Government has said the term “pregnant woman” should not be used in a United Nations treaty because it “excludes” transgender people”. The Guardian however, reported that the UK Government, whilst lobbying for the rights of transgender people in the treaty, did not object to … [Read more…]

You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

Today is World Mental Health Day. It aims to raise awareness of an illness as debilitating as a physical one but so often overlooked and regarded as ‘a choice’. I have extremely close friends who have suffered from depression, anxiety, post natal depression, OCD, panic attacks. I have felt some of these things before too … [Read more…]

When It’s OK To Cancel

Last weekend I cancelled two sets of plans I’d made. I’d planned to have dinner with my sister and afternoon tea with my best friends. And I cancelled both. I’d had a really emotionally draining week at work and I just couldn’t face going out. I wanted to stay in my house, watch Strictly Come … [Read more…]