The Gift of You

I have always adored quotes so I was looking for a very apt one for Mothers Day. Something which summed up how children can change your whole world for the better just by being in it. I was Googling ‘children as a gift’ and different variations when I stumbled upon a gorgeous poem about adoption. … [Read more…]


I’m off to visit a friend today who has just started maternity leave for her second child. We will probably talk about our children a lot, as well as things like our houses, husbands, jobs (we’re both teachers). But I’m determined to be really mindful when she talks about her pregnancy and her wishes for … [Read more…]

Conquering Parenthood

Parenthood is hard. Especially when your three year old, who has always been an amazing sleeper, goes through a huge sleep regression. But this quote, that I found this week, has made me realise that I don’t need to keep trying to conquer ‘parenthood’. I need to tell myself I can do it, have a … [Read more…]

This Too Shall Pass

Probably one of my most hated phrases when it comes to parenting; This too shall pass. Unfortunately it can sometimes take years for ‘this’ to pass and even if it passes quickly, when you’re in the depths of it all, it means sweet FA that it’ll end at some indeterminate point in the future. A … [Read more…]

What Really Counts

As a teacher, I have always been a real advocate of appreciating all that our children have to offer. Even at school, they are not there to learn simply how to read, write and add up. Of course, they do learn that. But they also learn how to express themselves through words, dance, music, art, … [Read more…]

If I Was A Poet…..

I have become a bit obsessed with Erin Hanson on Pinterest recently (as any one who follows me will know after I pinned about seven pieces in five minutes a couple of weeks ago). She writes so beautifully. It’s exactly how I would love to write poetry, but I don’t have the words like Erin … [Read more…]

Words of the Week 25/08/2015

Nurturing and praising children has always been important to me, first as a teacher and then as a mummy. As a teacher, I’ve been given probably hundreds of pictures from school children to ‘take home and put on the fridge’ as one once said. But I never did put one on the fridge. Why? Because … [Read more…]