Dear Husband: I’m Sorry

I’m sorry that some days you get through the door and I bombard you with words. With questions, with anecdotes, with any conversation I can possibly think of. Sometimes when I’m with two little people all day, one of whom has the conversation remit of ‘ga-ga-ba-ba-da-da’, I am desperate to speak to an adult about … [Read more…]

One Day You’ll Sleep

Five in the morning is your ‘get-up’ of lateWhich of course, means it’s ‘get-up’ for meBut I’ll cuddle you now until the sun has come upBecause I know that One Day You’ll Sleep Sometimes you’ll wake for four hours at nightBut I suppose a full night’s rest can keepSo I’ll cuddle you now until you drift back … [Read more…]

Dear Mum. I Get It Now

I know you felt perpetually tired. Even when you had a full night’s sleep, I know you were still exhausted from the challenge of raising two children. I know you sometimes held us in the middle of the night and cried. I know you felt helpless and desperate because we wouldn’t sleep. I know you … [Read more…]

Dear Eldest Child

Dear Eldest Child I recently wrote a letter to your younger brother. I felt like he sometimes gets the rough end of the deal. He doesn’t have a nursery – just a cot shoved in the spare room amongst the washing drying on the airer. You have your own huge bedroom with your pictures of … [Read more…]

Dear Second Child

Dear Second Child I’m sorry that you’ve not got a proper nursery. No pictures, no special curtains with the teddy and bunny tie backs, no changing table (nothing wrong with a changing mat on the bed – it’s actually much more versatile). The fact you have to share the room with the spare bed and, … [Read more…]

To My Children, After Paris

Sometimes, my darling children, things will happen in this worldThings which make us terrified and sadIt’s not my job to shield you from these horrifying truthsBut to show you good will ALWAYS conquer bad. For sometimes small minorities will choose to do great wrongAnd when they do brave innocents will fallBut watch the vast majority when … [Read more…]