Why Are We Still Tired?

It’s totally normal to feel absolutely exhausted when you have a newborn baby. Until the baby sleeps through the night, you will think you know why you are so tired. Broken nights’ sleep of course! Except, when your baby finally does start sleeping through the night, you are still tired. Even when, like us, your … [Read more…]

When I Watch You Sleep

Sometimes, boys, our days are long. Sometimes I have waited for bedtime since midday because I’ve been tired and so have you and it’s made us all cranky. And even though we’ve played in the garden or been to the park or painted a picture, it’s still been a really long day. Sometimes all I … [Read more…]

One Day You’ll Sleep

Five in the morning is your ‘get-up’ of lateWhich of course, means it’s ‘get-up’ for meBut I’ll cuddle you now until the sun has come upBecause I know that One Day You’ll Sleep Sometimes you’ll wake for four hours at nightBut I suppose a full night’s rest can keepSo I’ll cuddle you now until you drift back … [Read more…]