My Italian Kitchen

This is not as glamorous as it sounds. My kitchen is not filled with homemade pasta and lattes frothing in a coffee machine whilst I spin pizza dough around my head. My kitchen has its own landmark. I like to call it The Leaning Tower of Coffee Pots. Also known as “Why Can’t You Just … [Read more…]

Improving Soft Play

I have a love/hate relationship with soft play. I love it because, in my head, I get to sit and have a coffee whilst the baby sits on the floor banging a rattle contentedly for half an hour and the toddler amuses himself on the slides and in the ball pool. I hate it because … [Read more…]


I’m off to visit a friend today who has just started maternity leave for her second child. We will probably talk about our children a lot, as well as things like our houses, husbands, jobs (we’re both teachers). But I’m determined to be really mindful when she talks about her pregnancy and her wishes for … [Read more…]

Autumn Playdough Play

I’m not really one for posts about doing crafts and activities with my kids, mostly because sometimes watching ‘Mister Maker’ is our craft time, and the rest of the time we just do ordinary, boring painting and stuff. I don’t usually do anything ground breaking or overly exciting. Usually. But this weekend we went for a family … [Read more…]

Parenting According to Sod’s Law

Parenting is tricky. It is full of challenges and paradoxes (I recently wrote a post about all the paradoxes we encounter through parenting – you can read it here). And sometimes, the Law of Sod decides to make it just that little bit harder for us. Yesterday I went in to work for the day. … [Read more…]

Down to the Wire

Yes! He can crawl!   He will be able to crawl to his favourite toys without getting frustrated and I’ll be able to sit with a hot cup of tea and actually drink it.   Or I’ll constantly have to get up and move him away from all the wires around the house. Exposed phone … [Read more…]

Conquering Parenthood

Parenthood is hard. Especially when your three year old, who has always been an amazing sleeper, goes through a huge sleep regression. But this quote, that I found this week, has made me realise that I don’t need to keep trying to conquer ‘parenthood’. I need to tell myself I can do it, have a … [Read more…]