Syria – The Human Cost

This morning my six month old woke at 5.15am and my three year old woke at 5.30am. I was tired and I felt myself becoming irritated. And then I stopped. Because my two precious boys had woken up. I am blessed that, this morning, my babies woke up, climbed into our bed, drank milk and … [Read more…]

If I Could See Me Now…..

I have always had a very clear picture in my head of what I want to ‘look like’ as a parent. Not physically, but how my parenting looks to the rest of the world. Perhaps because I’m a teacher, or because my parents were, in my opinion, very good parenting role models (and still are), … [Read more…]

TV or not TV? That is the Question

Ah. The TV. I love watching it. When I watch television, depending on what I watch, I am entertained, informed, amused, educated, moved, excited, included, inspired. But when it comes to my children, I always worry that they are watching too much (well, the oldest. The youngest is only six months old and, except for the theme … [Read more…]

If I Was A Poet…..

I have become a bit obsessed with Erin Hanson on Pinterest recently (as any one who follows me will know after I pinned about seven pieces in five minutes a couple of weeks ago). She writes so beautifully. It’s exactly how I would love to write poetry, but I don’t have the words like Erin … [Read more…]

Are You Going To Try For A Girl?

Are you going to keep trying for a girl? Probably the most frustrating question I get asked as a parent (except the obligatory “how’s he sleeping“? He bloody isn’t. Thanks for asking though and reminding me of the fact I snatched three hours broken sleep last night). I have two gorgeous little boys who astound … [Read more…]

Words of the Week 25/08/2015

Nurturing and praising children has always been important to me, first as a teacher and then as a mummy. As a teacher, I’ve been given probably hundreds of pictures from school children to ‘take home and put on the fridge’ as one once said. But I never did put one on the fridge. Why? Because … [Read more…]