Sweet and Sticky Spicy Paneer

Paneer cheese: I first discovered this about a year ago when I went to a work party and a friend had cooked it in this amazing sauce! Since then I have always looked out for it on menus and in supermarkets but it has never tasted the same as at that party. But the other … [Read more…]

You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

Today is World Mental Health Day. It aims to raise awareness of an illness as debilitating as a physical one but so often overlooked and regarded as ‘a choice’. I have extremely close friends who have suffered from depression, anxiety, post natal depression, OCD, panic attacks. I have felt some of these things before too … [Read more…]

When It’s OK To Cancel

Last weekend I cancelled two sets of plans I’d made. I’d planned to have dinner with my sister and afternoon tea with my best friends. And I cancelled both. I’d had a really emotionally draining week at work and I just couldn’t face going out. I wanted to stay in my house, watch Strictly Come … [Read more…]