Family Time And Food At The Maxwells

If there’s ever a good time to go out for a family dinner, it’s just before you go on holiday and your fridge looks like this:   And whilst I’m not averse to having champagne and fruit for dinner, I don’t know that it’s brilliant parenting. So it was definitely time for a pub meal. Plus … [Read more…]

Read With Fonics Review

We’ve just returned from a holiday in Cyprus – I don’t know how we’d have survived the flight* without iPads! (*gin) But I do worry about my children’s use of electronics and try to ensure that any games they play have some educational benefit (this is getting more difficult with the Big One who wants … [Read more…]

Fab Friday Linky #68

Welcome to the Fab Friday Linky hosted by the fantastic Su at Ethan n Evelyn and co-hosted, this week, by me! I linked up to one of the first Fab Friday linkys and was a featured blogger so it’s lovely to be asked to co-host for the fiftieth Linky! So come and share your posts with us today! … [Read more…]

A Love Letter To…Myself

Dear Me I have something I need to tell you. I’m not being conceited. I don’t think you’re perfect and I think there’s room for improvement. But I’ve come to realise something. I love you. For a very long time I felt like I couldn’t love you. Like you had to be flawless to be … [Read more…]

It’s OK

Parenting is a tricky business. Full of wonder and joy and……doubt. But SCREW THE DOUBT. It has no place here. It’s OK to feel guilty about conceiving easily when your friends are struggling. It doesn’t mean you’re ungrateful. It’s OK to have really struggled to conceive and still think FML a lot once the baby … [Read more…]